1134 - Im Innern einer Sonne
Inside a Sun
Detlev G. Winter

On May 15th, 426, the spaceship President has been sucked into the Frost Ruby as well and rematerialized within a force field inside a sun. The Terrans land o an artificial planet inside the bubble and meet with the Silkians, who once created the artificial planet to escape the influence of Seth Apophis, whom they call Chtapofis. Since the Superintelligence kept looking for them, they enclosed their world inside an outer shell.

The Terrans repair an old corridor with the help of the Silkians and make it back to the normal space. The Silkians who helped them immediately fall under the influence of Seth Apophis and threaten the fragile balance of the inner world.

Icho Tolo decides to use Silk as a emitter in order to send a message to the Galactic Fleet but he must interrupt the experiment as the inner planet is shaken by violent quakes. Soon thereafter, the Terrans receive an SOS in morse and Tolot is convinced the message is coming from Perry Rhodan.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-20

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