1133 - Duell in der Notzone
Duel in the Danger Zone
H.G. Ewers

Rhodan and Boon manage to activate the Great Consciousness as a tornado caused by the radiation of the sun Guduulfag on the surrounding cosmic dust hits the planet. Using the seven keys they found, they activate the cosmic pulse. Since the emitter is not fit to send messages in a foreign language, Rhodan sends his message in morse code.

Rhodan is captured by the Sooldocks and thrown in jail, where he confronts Schovkrodon, accusing him of being an impostor. The Sooldocks decide that Rhodan and Schovkrodon must duel in a forbidden zone. Rhodan prevails and manages to destroy the cell samples that the Armadasmith was carrying with him.

As spaceships from the Galactic Fleet are entering the Empire of the Four Suns, the Sooldocks take Rhodan as a hostage, hoping to negotiate a deal.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-12

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