1131 - Planet der Deportierten
The Planet of the Outcasts
Thomas Ziegler

Carzel Boon lands on Marrschen, the second planet of the sun Guduulflag, which is still devastated by radiations dating from the Eternal War, before Seth Apophis came along. The Sooldock in charge of the planet is called Lozzok and he recently managed to activate the Great Consciousness by accident. He wants to alert Seth Apophis in order to resuce the outcasts of Marrschen.

Rhodan and his team are banned to Marrschen by Schovkrodon. Helped by some of the natives, they manage to escape and discover the city in ruins Kuzzel-Gey, where Lozzok is about to activate the Great Consciousness. Rhodan pretends to be a messenger of Seth Apophis and intends to use the device to send a message to the Galactic Fleet.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-20

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