1130 - Aufstand im Vier-Sonnen-Reich
Rebellion in the Empire of the Four Suns
Thomas Ziegler

Schovkrodon approaches a system made of four suns. Listening to the communications, he learns that the people living there is called the Sooldocks and they serve an intelligence called Seth Apophis, which Schovkrodon has never heard of. Recently, Seth Apophis stopped communicating and a civil war ensude, led by the Theocrats against the Keepers, which they accuse of silencing the super-intelligence.

Schovkrodon passes himself as a messenger from Seth Apophis and lands on the main planet, where he is greeted by a skeptical Sooldock called Carzel Boon. Boon is in charge of a project destined to revive a cosmic lighthouse called the Great Consciousness.

The Terrans follow Schovkrodon into the Empire of the Four Suns and land. They are invited to meet with the leaders but when they are taken to Schovkrodon, they realize they have fallen into a trap.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-20

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