113 - Die Wunderblume von Utik
The Wonderflower of Utik
Kurt Mahr

The High Baalol, head of the mysterious and evil Baalol cult, posed as Perry Rhodan in order to trick the superintelligence It into giving him a number of life-prolonging cell activators. But the superintelligence was well aware of what was going on and played a joke on the High Baalol and his followers.

One of these followers was the priest Kalal who, like nearly all members of the Baalol cult, was a powerful antimutant. As Kalal visits the Baalol temple on the planet Utik, his cell activator causes his brain to emit waves that convince everyone within twenty five kilometers that he is a rare and beautiful blue flower that must be protected. As a result, people chase him in swarms, seeking to pour water on his head and perform other botanical ministrations. Making matters worse, Kalal is being pursued by agents of Terra's Division 3.

Kalal takes refuge within the temple's screens, but he soon finds himself unwelcome. His would-be caretakers keep the temple under contant siege, drawing unwanted attention to the secretive Baalol cult and making it impossible for them to carry out their usual unsavory practices. When matters come to a head, the temple's high priest contacts the High Baalol, who sentences Kalal to death for placing his own life above the welfare of the cult.

Enraged, and determined to fight the High Baalol for supremacy over the cult, Kalal finally manages to escape from the temple after killing a number of priests sent to hunt him down and execute him. But the Division 3 agents are hot on his trail. When Kalal flees to Utik's northern desert, the agents force him to crashland. They wish to capture and interrogate him, but after a struggle Kalal is killed. He dies cursing the High Baalol.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-03

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