1129 - Der befehlende Code
The Command Code
Kurt Mahr

Abel Waringer calculates that an object coming from the future materialize on the Earth during the attack from Belice, which might explain why the attacks stopped.

Meanwhile, armies of Klongs and Parsfs landed on the Earth and started fighting. Two members of the Psi Trust realize that they seem to possess some power over them, and the Klongs tell them they will now obey the two Terrans because they are showing the Command Codes.

The Terrans counterattack using these Command Codes and land on Klondheim and Parsfon, where they describe the device allowing Belice to give orders to these two civilizations. On the Klongs and Pars' requests, the two Terrans with the Command Codes remain in the two capitals in order to take the role of their lost leaders.

Belice-Vishna withdraws and starts plotting her next attack against the Terrans.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-13

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