1128 - Weltraumtitanen
The Space Titans
Kurt Mahr

In September 426, Klongheim, a seven light-month big sphere, appears near the Solar System shortly followed by Parsfon, which is three light-months big. A few Tsunamis penetrate inside Klongheim but they have to retreat in front of the superior firepower of the Klongs, who use weapons causing rifts in the space-time continuum.

The Klongs and the Parsfs strike back and send robots on the planets of the Solar System. Some of them are captured and analyzed on board of a Tsunami.

Belice notices the discrepancy in the position of the Earth and the Moon and suspects that she is watching an illusion. She sends probes after the temporal dam and starts attacking the real planets after she has found them. The attacks cause time anomalies on the Earth and several Tsunamis disappear. The attack suddenly ends for no apparent reason.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-13

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