1126 - Der Psi-Trust
The Psi Trust
H.G. Ewers

Ernst Ellert discloses the next phase of It's plan: the Earth and the Moon must be hidden behind a temporal dam that will be projected by Terrans with a specific psi ability. They all gather in a little village in Tibet, where Dalaimoc Rorvic used to meditate before he became part of It's consciousness and the experiment begins and thirty spaceships of the Tsunami fleet are sent in space to maintain the contact with the outside universe.

Merg Coolafe manages to separate himself from Ernst Ellert and he invades the body of George Kanikolous to try and sabotage the experiment. Time anomalies appear on various places on the Earth and weaken the block formed by the psi trust, but Kanikolous is disabled. The Earth and the Moon are now safely hidden behind the temporal dam.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-13

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