1125 - Einsatzkommando Synchrodrom
Commando Synchrodrome
H.G. Francis

The offensive on the Synchrodrome starts and two Gazelles manage to board Murkchavor. Inside, the Armadasmiths have realized that Rhodan and Tekener's cells are immortal. Verkutzon wants to discover their secret in order to share it with the other Sons of Ordoban, but Schovkrodon wants to keep it to himself.

The Armadasmiths kill one of the Genetic Engineeers, who then rebel against them. They ally with the Terrans as they penetrate in the Synchrodrome. Verkudzon tries to bring a cell sample from Tekener to safety but he gets injured and flees, leaving the container with the cells behind.

The Terrans destroy Rhodan and Tekener's Synchronites and Schovkrodon is forced to flee. His Goon Block is headed toward a system of four suns close to each other.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-12

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