1123 - Brutstätte der Synchroniten
The Origin of the Synchronites
Ernst Vlcek

Vulambar, an Armadist of the race of the Sreakers, realizes that he is under the influence of a Synchronites. With some of his compatriots, he breaks into the Synchrodrome Murkchavor and learns the existence of the Genetic Engineers, who have one Synchronite for every single leader of the Endless Armada. The Genetic Engineers, who have worm-like bodies and six arms, are intrigued by the old age of Rhodan's cells, which are now aging very fast.

Schovkrodon arrives on the Synchrodrome with cells from Ronald Tekener, asking the Genetic Engineers to start the creation of another Synchronite. Vurdambar and his warriors attack Verkutzon but the offensive fails and only Vurdambar survives. Before the Sreaker can escape, the Armada Smith shows him the Synchronite that will soon take control of him.

On the Base, Rhodan makes contact with his aging Synchronite, who lets him see through the eyes of Tekener's Synchronite. However, since Rhodan never saw the face of the other Synchronite, he doesn't know who it has control over. The Hamiller Tube manages to locate an Armada Raft and also a Synchrodrome.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-12

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