1122 - Raubzug der Armadaschmiede
The Raid of the Armadasmiths
Kurt Mahr

A Terran team led by Danton lands on Nand where they see a gigantic Amarda spaceship powered by four hundred Goon Blocks collect vast quantities of soil while destroying the surface of the planet. The spaceship is commanded by the Armada Monteur Warckewn, who then calls for an Armada Raft in order to carry the collected ore away.

The Terrans meet with the Nandans, harmless creatures being exploited by the Armadists. They attack one of the Goon Blocks of the collector robot, which is eight hundred meters, and destroy it. Soon, the entire robot is destroyed and Warckewn is forced to flee on the Armada Raft.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-12

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