1121 - Der Sonnenhammer
The Sun Hammer
Kurt Mahr

The first Terran base in M-82 is built on the planet Base 1 and as Gesil is now feeling liberated from the mysterious influence, Perry Rhodan marries her. Eight Armada spaceships are detected but their destination is the sun of Base 1, where they drop eight unidentified devices.

Several hours later, the sun is shaken by violent eruptions that destroy the Terran station on Base 1 entirely. Several Terrans are killed and Rhodan remembers Shovkrodon's threat regarding a device called the Sun Hammer. The Terran scientists manage to locate the Sun Hammer, which has assembled itself after being dropped, and a commando manages to destroy it.

Meanwhile, Rhodan is feeling a bit sick and wonders if this is has anything to do with his Synchronite.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-12

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