1120 - Geschäfte mit dem Tod
Business with the Death
William Voltz

The scientific assistant Phoebe Sam in her leisure time, is out together with the robot Schmackofatz, the BASIS courier. The latest issue of the old fashioned prepared newspaper is now examining Gesil, who is squandering no more illicit flames and thus no longer infatuated by every man. The woman has apparently finally decided on Perry Rhodan.

A White Raven appears on 16 August 426 NGZ at the BASIS. But on its white sail area are many stains. Jercygehl An cannot tell if it means something special. The Tarnished one offers the Galactics his Armada Flames, and Rhodan offers in return the Ring of the Cosmocrats and Laires’ Eye. Then he comes on board to a heated discussion, because Taurec, Jen Salik, Roi Danton and Waylon Javier are against Rhodan's plans. But the Terran asserts himself. The Raven then offers him a very personal Flame, but however, a cell sample is required. Again, there is a discussion, but Rhodan insists on his position. However, he lets Gucky and Alaska Saedelaere teleport to the highest point of the Tarnished so that they can join in in secret the flight of the Raven.

The GRUNDAMOAR while having the external shape of a sleeping-buoy, is actually a laboratory ship. It is currently occupied by the Silver Verkutzon, plus a crew of pale-skinned, short stature Gutzellakoren, among them the scientist Nchur as well as reprogrammed Armada technicians. Nchur’s people formerly populated an Armada unit, but was then enslaved by the Armada forges and pressed into service. Verkutzon expected the return of a Tarnished, who is traveling on his behalf. His thoughts revolve around creating a Synchronite.

After a rapid flight, the Tarnished reached an asleep buoy, as it seems. From there, technicians approach, discover and attack Gucky and Saedelaere who still have trouble resigning themselves to their new fortune.

Gucky teleported to the dead-pale in the sleep-buoy, which quickly turns out to be the laboratory ship. The Ilt telepathically scans the thoughts of the Gutzellakoren (Silver cannot be telepathically scanned) and learns of a plan to create a Synchronite in a Synchrodrom - from Rhodan's cell sample.

One day after the departure of the Tarnished, a crisp White Raven appears and also offers Armada Flames. When he hears about the Tarnished, the Raven explains it is a traitor and an outcast. He further claims that the Galactics will never hear from both their friends and the two instruments – the Ring and the Eye.

The White Raven is also told about the cell sample. He is appalled and reveals that that the Silver will produce a Synchronite of Rhodan in order to manipulate him. To many Galactics this all sounds like voodoo, but the persons in charge are aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Gucky and Saedelaere also encounter the Silver, who is protected by a strong energy field. Before their eyes, Verkutzon destroys the Ring and the Eye and then the cell sample from the GRUNDAMOAR.

The Tarnished would have been repaired for his services to the Silver, which will not happen now. Despite his disappointment, he agrees to fly the two Galactics back to the BASIS. Meanwhile, a hundred White Ravens have gathered at the BASIS. On August 19, the Tarnished appears, they descend on him, let the Ilt and the Terran go and drive the traitor into a nearby sun. They then withdraw and declare that there will be no further contact until the situation about the Synchronite is settled. But they also point out a planet, which is currently being plundered by the Silver.

John E McClure 2015-08-16

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