112 - Der Mann mit den zwei Gesichtern
The Man With Two Faces
Kurt Brand

Since his return from Okul, Perry Rhodan has changed. He seems to have become a stranger - he doesn't posses any more humor, and makes some inexplicable decisions, such as to accept the establishment of additional Springer trading posts within the Terran sphere of influence. One appraises these changes as the result of the Thmasson process, a therapy which allows for the elimination of deep traumatism. No one suspects the truth: that Perry Rhodan is, in fact, Thomas Cardif whose ego is protected by the mental diagram of the real Rhodan. His behavior intrigues and infuriates his nearest collaborators, to include Reginald Bell and Allan D. Mercant.

Cardif-Rhodan receives an Arkonide who transmits to him a message from the Anti Rhabol. Rhobal wants twenty cell activators. Cardif-Rhodan refuses. Shortly after, he announces his intention to allow the establishment of Springer bases on Pluto. Bell learns that Cardif-Rhodan obtained the coordinates of Wanderer from the Positronic brain on Venus.

The IRONDUKE arrives on Pluto, and only Cardif-Rhodan disembarks from it. He meets A-thol, the emissary of the Antis. Fellmer Lloyd detects the Anti's cerebral brain waves and immediately the alert is triggered. When a landing force arrives at Rhodan's location, they find the dead Anti, Cardif-Rhodan making believe that his killing of A-thol was an act of self defense on his part.

When a strike breaks out in a factory where Allitiv is manufactured, Cardif-Rhodan himself loses interest completely and it is Bell who must solve the problem. Cardif-Rhodan leaves for Wanderer aboard the corvette D-109, taking Stane Nolinov and Brazo Alkher. On the planet, Cardif-Rhodan asks for twenty-one cellular activators adjusted specifically to the biologic frequency of their carrier. The immortal agrees to Cardif-Rhodan's request. Cardif keeps one for himself, unaware that the collective being has adjusted it to the biologic frequency of the real Perry Rhodan. The twenty others are locked up in a temporal field that only Cardif-Rhodan can open.

The crew of the IRONDUKE question the Springers on Pluto and determine their innocence. One also discovers that the Anti A-thol carried a hyper-emitter in his ear and that Cardif-Rhodan cut him down in cold blood.

While leaving Wanderer, the corvette D-109 is caught by a ship of the Springers and is inspected. However, Alkher has time to open fire and damage its propulsion system. He also is able to send out an SOS.

Cardif-Rhodan is confronted by Rhabol who demands the cell activators otherwise he will reveal his real identity. Nolinov and Alkhers are captured by robots in spite of an attempt to escape. When the IRONDUKE approaches, Cardif-Rhodan is forced to deliver the activators to the Antis. He then reaches the IRONDUKE with the D-109 and immediately orders an attack on the vessel of the Antis. However, The BAA-LO (the name of the Springer/Anti ship) manages to escape.

Cardif-Rhodan accuses Nolinov and Alkher of treason, affirming that it is them who revealed to the Antis the goal of the corvette. He demands that the Solar Defense finds the BAA-LO again.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-22

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