1119 - Gestrandet unter blauer Sonne
Stranded near the Blue Sun
Hans Kneifel

In an attempt to discover a planet suitable to create a base for the Terrans, Roi Danton heads out toward the blue sun that was previously visited by the Armada spaceships in charge or carrying the Armada Chronicles. They are attacked by an unknown spaceship and crash on the only planet of the system.

The Terrans discover another crashed spaceship and meet with several races stranded on the planet. Danton is surprised to recognize a Krane, who explains to him how Surfo Mallagan ordered an expedition toward M82 a few months ago. Their ship found the Endless Armada and followed a White Raven to this planet, where they were attacked and shot down, like the Terrans were. Danton and his crew are then rescued and brought back to the Base.

Soon thereafter, a White Raven appears and makes contact with Rhodan. He explains that the planet of the blue sun is protected because it is being considered as a potential hiding place for the Armada Chronicles. The White Ravens then disappears.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-05

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