1116 - Projekt Zweiterde
Project Second Ear
H.G. Ewers

Using the body of the Free Trader Merg Coolafe, Ernst Ellert tells Tifflor and Bull that they must create the illusion of the Earth on the other side of the Moon in order to fool Vishna. It will help focus the mental energy of millions of Terrans to that effect, but he can only act while Seth Apophis is unconscious, so the project must be brought to completion very fast.

Mental projectors are built by Waringer per Ellert's instructions, but an accident makes him lose control of Coolafe, who reverts to the criminal he used to be. Finally, the projectors are turned on but only an opaque plasma appears at the location where a double Earth should be. A group led by Bull tried to find Eller-Coolafe, who has now disappeared.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-3rd

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