1114 - Der Fluch der Kosmokratin
The Curse of the Cosmocrat
Kurt Mahr

In Srakenduurn, the Dust People are freed by Quiupu who then asks for their help assembling the Viral Empire. It is now five light-hour big and is made of all the parts created by various helpers such as Quiupu. One of the Terrans, Rag Cornus, is visited at night by a mysterious woman who calls herself Belice. She asks him to help her recover the Viral Empire, who belongs to her. When Cornus tells Quiupu about Belice, the scientist immediately makes a connection with Srimavo and Gesil.

The Ufonaut Geredus arrives on Srakenduurn and asks Quiupu to interrupt all work on the Viral Empire in the name of the Cosmocrats, who have detected the presence of Vishna. The risk of the mysterious entity gaining control of the Viral Empire is too big, so the Viral Empire should be destroyed. Geredus tells Quipu the story of Vishna.

In a distant past

Vishna managed to go beyond the Matter Sources and join the ranks of the Cosmocrats, who were then busy building the Viral Empire in an effort to regulate the chaos in the universe. Vishna decided to repossess the Viral Empire, which was then the size of a galaxy, and use it for her own need. However, the Viral Empire had had time to build up defenses and as soon as the negative entity tried to take control of it, it exploded in billions of tiny fragments, blowing up Vishna as well, who ended up mixed in the remnants of the Empire.

In the million of years that followed, the Cosmocrats started rebuilding the Viral Empire but realized that components of Vishna were irremediably mixed with it.

Geredus attempts to destroy the Viral Empire with the fleet of the Ufonauts but it's already too late. Belice has taken control of it and she destroys the attackers. She tells the Terrans she's on her way to destroy the Earth and then disappears.

Cedric Beust 2004-05-3rd

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