1111 - Die Macht der Elf
The Power of the Elevens
Horst Hoffmann

A spaceship in the shape of a giant sail is detected by the Basis. Pucky teleports to investigate but since he's no longer giving any response, Ras Tschubai is sent after him. Tschubai's teleportation is disrupted and he finds a gigantic structure, and next to it, four of the lost spaceships of the Galactic Fleet: the Parther, the Ossan, the Loppo and the Frost. Tschubai returns on the Base.

Pucky returns on the Base and says the sail belongs to a White Raven, but that it just crashed on a nearby planet. Pucky teleports there with Les Zeron and meets with eleven entities who once made a prediction on the evolution of the human race and now want to see if they were right. Pucky is shaken by this revelation and the Eleven wipe his memory. Then they remove him, Les Zeron and the White Raven, whose sail was destroyed in the crash, from the planet.

Thirty sails appear and rescue their compatriot. They tell Rhodan that the giant structure discovered by Tschubai is an Armada Forge, where the spaceships and Goon Blocks are manufactured. The Armada Forges are run by Armada Smiths, also called the Sons of Ordoban.

Rhodan asks the White Ravens if he can receive an Armada Flame and is told in response that the price to pay will be very high. Then the White Ravens disappear.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-19

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