1110 - Operatoren für Kruste Magno
Operator for Magno Crust
Ernst Vlcek

Taurec and Gesil go on a recon mission on the Syzzel and discover a crystal ship of the Ptemo-Ogaides. These spaceships remind Jercygehl An of a discussion he read in the Chronicles of the Armada once, and that the Cygrides were once involved with the Ptemo-Ogaides. Rhodan is interested in reading the Chronicles of the Armada but they are only accessible to Armadists. Jercygehl An suggests him to look for the White Ravens, a people of the Armada who could fit him with an Armada Flame.

The Terran spaceship Ranapu discovers Magno Crust. It is an asteroid 14km in diameter that used to be a part of Ordoban. In a distant past, it separated from Ordoban and started growing, supervised by Operators who are forcefully recruited and implanted with a device to guarantee their obedience. Only non-Armadists can be operators and when Rhodan arrives to investigate, he is captured and turned into an Operator himself. Taurec manages to rescue him and they escape, along with the fifty members of the Ranapur.

Rhodan has learned from one of the Operators where he could find White Sparrows and in exchange for the information, he gives them the location of the Ckaghoor, the Sleep Beacon that had disappeared after the journey through the Frost Ruby and the Terran shuttles found by accident. The Operators were actively looking for it.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-19

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