111 - Unter falscher Flagge
False Front
Clark Darlton

On Earth, John Rengall celebrates his departure from Florida. In a short period of time he must embark aboard the RALPH TORSTEN. At the time of the party, his friend Philipp Morris, an addict who has run out of Liquitiv, has a crisis. Fortunately, Garry Rescoll, director of a nautical Club, has Liquitiv reserves and agrees to sell them, for the sake of their friendship, to Rengall (in order to help Morris). Rengall embarks on the frigate that travels to Okul in the company of a cargo ship. The cargo ship is carrying twenty submersibles (submarines) that were found in a museum.

These submarines are utilized in a grid pattern on the bottom of oceans of Okul in search of the Antis and Thomas Cardif.

During this time, a team of scientists study the pierce-slime in order to find an antidote to the Liquitiv. They determine that the secretion has a rejuvenating effect but they are not able to determine the mechanism of action.

On Earth, the chaos is settled because the government has confiscated the private reserves of Liquitiv in order to distribute them better.

Rhodan gives an ultimatum to the Antis, otherwise he will have the planet blown up. In their underwater fortress, the Anti Rhabol proposes to deliver to Rhodan the names of three planets where the Liquitiv exists in large quantity. In return they must be allowed to go free. The Administrator accepts provided that Thomas Cardif is delivered to him. Cardif has a plan however. Shortly afterwards, Cardiff calls the Terrans, telling them he wants to see Rhodan alone and makes an appeal to his fatherís paternal feelings.

Rhodan accepts but when he meets Cardif, he is captured. The plan of the felon includes taking his father's place. The complete mental diagram of the Administrator is implanted in the mind of Cardif, veiling his real ego, thereby making him undetectable by telepaths.

Researchers on Earth discovered that the mechanism of action of the Liquitiv comes from the gastric ferments of the pierce-slime.

On Okul, the false Perry Rhodan calls the IRONDUKE. He is "free" whereby the Antis are allowed to flee aboard a Springer cargo ship, carrying away the real Administrator without the knowledge of anyone else. Back on the IRONDUKE, Cardif/Rhodan reveals the formula for an antidote.

Twenty-seven days later, Allitiv, which annuls the effects of the Liquitiv, is launched in mass on the market.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-22

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