1109 - Die Stunde der Krieger
The Hour of the Warrior
Marianne Sydow

On the Base, several Cygrides have mysteriously lost their Armada Flame during the journey through the Frost Ruby. They receive an emergency signal from the Nameless, a nomad people of the Armada who was able to survive thanks to a structure they carried inside their fleet and which was destroyed by the journey.

The Nameless come on board the Basis to discuss and secretly lay eggs on board. Soon, the Base is swamped in Nameless who try to take control of the Terran spaceship. The Nameless have lost their Armada Flame as well and they decide to take a change and leave the Armada to look for a planet where to settle, hoping that the Armada Impulse is no longer functional.

After they've left the Armada, the Nameless left on the Base die of accelerated old age and a few days later, the Base receives a call for help from the Nameless fleet. It appears they have ventured too close to a place called the Magno Crust.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-19

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