1108 - Sturz aus dem Frostrubin
Ejected from the Frost Ruby
William Voltz

The Base emerges alone from the Frost Ruby and surrounded by a massive armada. Stunned, Rhodan thinks that their attempt has failed and that they are back in the Milky Way, but the instruments soon identify the characteristic radiance of M-82, so the teleportation was successful. The only explanation is that the Endless Armada followed them.

What the Terrans don't understand is how come the Endless Armada caught up with them so far, an anomaly that the scientists can only explain with the acausality of the phenomena they went through during the journey.

Suddenly, the Base shakes violently: it's the Bokryl, the flagship of the Cygrides, which has just collided with them. The Cygrides are equally confused by what is going on and Rhodan is having a hard time believing this is a coincidence. Alaska Saedelaere, whose mask has mysteriously vanished during the flight through the Frost Ruby, volunteers to go talk to the Cygrides, who have now boarded the Base since their spaceship has been almost entirely destroyed by the collision.

The Base is threatened by energy fields generated by the Goon Blocks of the Bokryl, and Terrans and Cygride cooperate to drag the Base outside of the danger zone. Since the Heart of the Armada is silent, an individual called Schovkrodon wants to take control of the Endless Armada.

In another region of space, the five hundred Krane spaceships commanded by Surfo Mallagan and his cloud of Spoodies arrive in M-82.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-14

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