1107 - Jenseits der tödlichen Grenze
Beyond the Deadly Barrier
Kurt Mahr

The messenger from the Endless Armada arrives on the Base and it's no one else than Eric Weidenburn, who confirms that Ordoban demands the the Galactic Fleet be immediately incorporated into the Endless Armada. Rhodan refuses and locks in Weidenburn so he can't tell Ordoban about the Terran plans.

Rhodan decides that the only way out is go enter the Frost Ruby and escape into M-82. Initially reluctant, Taurec accepts to provide the Terrans with information for the dangerous journey. The Galactic Fleet is set in motion, leaving behind Weidenburn's 100,000 followers, the President and 200 captured Terrans.

As the fleet enters the Frost Ruby, the spaceships are submitted to various acausal phenomena and attacked by Seth Apophis' fragmented consciousnesses, inducing hallucinations and erratic behaviors into most of the Terrans, and especially Atlan on the Sol.

When Ordoban realizes what the Terrans are doing, he orders the Endless Armada to follow them through the Frost Ruby.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-14

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