1106 - Die Trümmerreiter
The Debris Riders
Kurt Mahr

Conflicts grow within the Endless Armada and three races are fighting over the lead to capture the Terran fleet.The Heart of the Armada intervenes and nominates a new supreme commander, Ilkst Nentter, a Harwesan.

Nikki Frecker comes up with a stratagem: a commando of three hundred people are sent on small debristo sabotage the surrounding fleet. The mission succeeds and the destruction of several Goon Blocks causeschaos among the assailants. Rhodan takes advantage of the confusion and penetrates inside the field of debris. Once inside, he demands to speak to the Heart of the Armada, who responds.

Ordoban tells Rhodan that he has no intention to destroy the Terrans and that he is sending a messenger.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-09

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