1105 - Das Siegelschiff
The Seal Ship
H.G. Ewers

Eric Weidenburn and his followers are brought on board the Seal Ship, which is surrounded by a thick cloudof matter. Threatened to be killed by his disappointed men, Weidenburn is rescued by Jercygehl An. Weidenburnassists a race called the Quowocks in defending against the Armada Monteurs.

Weidenburn's memory is examined and he relives the moment where he had his revelation. He learns that theTerrans are suspected of having damaged Triicle-9 and that in order to redeem their faults, they must nowbecome a part of the Endless Armada. Weidenburn becomes the official mediator between the two forcesand he receives an Armada Flame.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-09

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