1104 - Meuterei im All
Mutiny in space
H.G. Ewers

Seth Apophis' fleet is trying to trap Rhodan's Galactic Fleet: they plan on attacking the Endless Armada and then retreat among the Terrans. Rhodan sees through the trap but the Base is then overpowered byEric Weidenburn and his followers, who is now convinced that the Frost Ruby is the Stac. Weidenburnmeets Taurec who confirms to Rhodan that the mysterious man is destined to be the liaison of the Terranswith the Endless Armada, although he's not ready for his mission yet.

In the meantime, Olivier Bolli has been able hide inside Taurec's spaceship, which then took off andmade contact with a Cruun ship. The young boy meets the Cruuns commander's son and they become friends.The Cruun commander decides to make a truce with the Terrans and calls off the attack force, which was made of additional Armada Units.

Eric Weidenburn returns the control of the Galactic Fleet to Rhodan in exchange for free passage towardthe Frost Ruby. The thousands of followers leave the fleet in spacesuits and head toward the debris desert,but they are intercepted and captured by Jercygehl An's ships. The Cruun commander is then asked to step downby Ordoban because he refused to follow orders previously. The Heart of the Armada then cancels the trucewith the Terrans and orders the Endless Armada to attack the Galactic Fleet.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-09

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