1103 - Außenseiter der Armada
Outsider of the Armada
Detlev G. Winter

The will to research Triicle-9 is anchored at birth in all the Armadists, but the young Helkide Ohna Najahrs was born without it. For this reason, he is refused the privilege to carry an Armada Flame and flees his people, trying to stay away from the Armada Monteurs who are chasing him. He manages to reprogram one of them, Urkan, who becomes his assistant.

Together, they settle in a Goon Block and make contact with the President, as it is being attacked by the Cygrides. Najahrs feels more connected with the Terrans, since they are also being persecuted by the Armada, but even though they invite him, he refuses and flees again.

The President is captured and the Armada Heart orders its transfer to a different place. Jercygehl An receives the order to enter Triicle-9 and investigate what has gone wrong. Najahrs follows the spaceship and penetrats inside the Spinning Void, hoping to be finally accepted.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-07

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