1102 - Der letzte Mirvaner
The Last Mirvanian
Clark Darlton

Pucky and Ras Tschubai penetrate into a Goon Block and from there, into a spaceship of the Zences. They learn that the Zences are at war with the Sopkalarides about the ownership of the last spaceship of the Armada Unit 27 called the Kayserkeil. The Heyserkeil used to belong to the Mirvanians but they started disappearing until this spaceship was the last one of the fleet.

Pucky and Tschubai convince the two Zence and Sopkalaride commanders to join them on a mission inside the Heyserkeil, and they discover a lush jungle inside. Powerful psychic emissions soon lead them to the center of command, which has turned into a monstrous carnivorous plant that still has the Armada Flame above it, showing that all the Mirvanians have been eaten by it.

The two mutants successfully fight the psychic emissions and manage to destroy the monster. Soon, the whole jungle starts fading and the Heyserkeil has now turned into a directionless wreck. The Zences and the Sopkalarides agree to a peace the two teleporters return to the Base.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-07

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