1101 - Erkundung gegen Unbekannt
Exploration into the Unknown
K.H. Scheer

A strategem is devised by Perry Rhodan: Clifton Callamon and his crew are sent out in the Sodom and the Base fakes attacking them. The Sodom is soon turned into a wreck and after some deliberation, Jercygehl An, the commander of the Armada Unit 176, has the spaceship brought on board of a giant platform for inspection.

Inside the platform, the Terrans observe fight between the platform and a five-kilometer long spaceship. They learn that this spaceship contains thousands of asleep Cygrides who are cryogenized and destined to become the next inhabitants of the Armada. However, something went wrong and the robot systems started killing all the Cygrides. Callamon manage to rescue the commander of the dreamer ship, called Maldarel Foq. The commander tells them they are being hunted by the Armada Monteurs because they don't have the Armada Flame on top of their head. Foq also tells them that the Armada has been looking for Triicle-9 for millions of years.

Callamon and his crew are discovered by the Armada Monteurs and flee back inside the Base.

Cedric Beust 2004-04-06

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