110 - Auf den Spuren der Antis
Spoor Of The Antis
William Voltz

On the Earth, Henry Mulvaney is being driven mad by the lack of Liquitiv. He breaks into his neighbor's apartment to steal his reserves but the man committed suicide after having exhausted his stock. At the head of a group, Mulvaney then wants to attack a liquour store but the store turns out to be empty. He feels remorse after having stunned a one-handed policeman who was trying to stop him. His mental state getting worse, Mulvaney is finally driven into a psychiatric asylum.

The situation is catastrophic on all the planets where there exists more than two hundred million addicts of the Liquitiv. Riots take place everywhere, some desperate people attempt to procure themselves the drug.

Rhodan convenes a meeting of the governors of several colonies and ends up announcing the sale of free Liquitiv in order to avoid deaths.

On Lepso, soldiers searching the planet discover Doctor Nearman, an astro-physician who worked for the Antis. Before dying, Nearman reveals that the Liquitiv has its origin on the planet Okul for which he provides coordinates. The cross-examination of Aras captured on Lepso also indicates that Thomas Cardif/Edmond Hugher is the inventor of the Liquitiv.

On April 2103, the IRONDUKE leaves for the coordinates provided by Nearman, taking commandos armed with automatic carbines in order to pierce the protective screens of the Antis. But, having arrived there, they don't find anything. After a fruitless search for the planet Okul, Perry Rhodan decides to quit. It is at this moment that the structure detectors react. The Terran cruiser makes for the origin of the transition and finally discovers Okul. Rhodan ignores the fact that the shock was produced by the vessel of the Springer Valmonze which is loaded with Liquitiv.

The IRONDUKE expels soldiers and fighting commences in the city of the Antis. A prisoner reveals to them that the Liquitiv has its origins in the secretions of a type of caterpillar, the pierce-slime. Cardif and the main Antis succeed in escaping aboard a submarine.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-21

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