11 - Mutanten im Einsatz
Mutants In Action
Kurt Mahr

The Good Hope manages a safe landing on Rofus, the 9th planet of the Vega system. Perry is given command of the Ferronian base on the planet by the Thort. He immediately gathers matter transmitters for an assaault on the Topide's caprtured battleship. While battling Topide ships over Ferrol, Derringhouse is shot down and must find his way to safety.

The plan to take the Topide ship is relatively simple. Rhodan intends to use the Mutant Corps to create havoc among the Topides. Using a psychoradiator and the mutants, Rhodan gains access to the Red Palace, now held by the lizard race. Once inside , a matter transmitter in the Palace is set to the same frequency as the transmitters on Rofus. Working with the Ferronian resisitance, Derringhouse has also made his way to the Thort's former palace.

Rhodan and his mutants gain control of the Topide commander's mind. The commander, Chrekt-Orn, is influenced to order the evacuation of the battleship for maintenance. This causes questions in the minds of some Topides, but questioning authority is not encouraged in the Topide forces. After some time, Chrekt-Orn questions his own reasons for issuing the orders, but is soon under the influence of the psychoradiator.

As Rhodan and the Topidian admiral approach the ship, the troops realize something is gravely wrong. Forced to leave Chrekt-Orn behind, Rhodan and his forces gain control of the ship and take off. The captured ship heads to Rofus.

As expected, the Topides sent a fleet to Rofus where it engages the Arkonide battleship and the remains of the Ferronian defense fleet. The battleship makes short work of the Topidian forces and Rhodan heads for Earth in order to gather a crew capable of handling the fully operational ship.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-25

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