1099 - Das Kollektiv der Porleyter
The Collective of the Porleyters
Kurt Mahr

The Aura lands near Terrania, destroying its surroundings. Inside, the Porleyters are going through a lot of mental turmoil and most of them want to commit suicide, which they see as the only honorable way of putting an end to what they perceive as a failure. Only Lafsatre-Koro-Soth and a few other Porleyters disagree and want a new era to start for the Porleyters, dedicated to serving the Cosmocrats.

During an exploration around the Aura, Atlan is brought inside by the suicidary Porleyters and injured. The Aura is flickering increasingly fast, showing that it will soon be blowing up. Terrania is evacuated as Perry Rhodan realizes that the Arkonide disappeared. He decides to intervene and approaches the Aura.

As he gets closer to the energy field, the Ring of the Cosmocrats starts glowing and an entrance appears. Rhodan penetrates inside the Aura and addresses the Porleyters. When they see the Ring, they surrender to his orders and deactivate their Kardec shields. The Aura disappears and the Porleyters accept to return to Neu Morgan Pordh, where they will settle and withdraw from any cosmic roles from now on.

Several weeks later, things are slowly coming back to normal on the Earth when Rhodan receives a message from the President, the spaceship he had left near the Frost Ruby for observation. The commander of the President states that an incredible number of spaceships has suddenly appeared in the area.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-31

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