1098 - Der steinerne Bote
The Stone Messenger
Kurt Mahr

From Tolot's report, Rhodan understands that the Porleyters are in charge of keeping the Frost Ruby spinning by providing it energy while Seth Apophis is trying to slow it down by turning its spinning energy in matter called Slow Matter. In the past two million years, the Frost Ruby wandered about and caused several super novas, including one in the native galaxy of the Hathors.

Sawpans and Gerjoks open fire on the Base, trying to chase the Terrans from this area of space. Despite the Terran technological superiority, Rhodan backs off and sends several shuttles in a recon mission. One of them, led by Tedr Kosmas, discovers an asteroid that seems to be foreign to this region of space and baptizes it "Stone Messenger".

Rhodan starts a clean up operation around the Frost Ruby, destroying systematically all the Slow Matter, and then orders the return toward the Milky Way, as the Sawpans try to catch up with the Base. The Stone Messenger is found to possess a certain radiation that is similar to the one from M 82, reminding Tolot that Bruke Athosien once told him about a certain radiation that all creatures under the influence of Seth Apophis possess.

On the Moon, the Porleyters wake up and fly off, surrounder by their Kardec Aura. They set orbit around the Earth and their aura disrupts the Ear's magnetic field, causing various incidents. As the Base arrives in the Milky Way, the Porleyter Aura leaves orbit and heads for Terrania.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-30

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