1096 - Der Ring der Kosmokraten
The Ring of the Cosmocrats
Marianne Sydow

The Base leaves in search of the Ring of the Cosmocrats, which should be in the same area as the Frost Ruby. Gesil tries to convince Rhodan to go to Srakenduurn, where she thinks that Quiupu is, but he refuses.

At the coordinates, they find a 200,000 kilometer-wide formation of debris surrounded by a fleet of spaceships that are trying to penetrate inside. The spaceships are repelled and Jen Salik and Rhodan enter the formation, called the Duurdefil. Inside, they meet Narfuus, the guardian of the Ring of the Cosmocrats, who tells them he has been fighting the Cruuns for centuries.

Narfuus captures Salik and Rhodan, not recognizing their status of Knights of the Abyss, but when Rhodan identifies him as a real Porleyter, Narfuus discloses his real name, Morkus-Arto-Ehm, he agrees to let him take the Ring. Then he disappears and the Duurdefil starts disintegrating.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-29

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