1095 - Das Ende eines Porleyters
The End of a Porleyter
Ernst Vlcek

As the Base is approaching the Milky Way, it falls under the influence of the hyperspace destroyed and breaks down. While the crew is busy fixing the hyperspace drive, they meet with a shuttle of Weidenburn's followers who think they have located the Stac.

The Base resumes its course and when it announces itself to Terrania, Rhodan receives the order from Lafsater-Koro-Soth to direct it to Vega so the Porleyters can inspect it before it reaches the Solar system.

Two Porleyters are sent on board the base and they meet Tengri Lethos, who introduces himself as an emissary of the Cosmocrats. As they are about to acknowledge his authority, they are attacked by robots programmed by the Base personnel and immediately think they have been betrayed. They attack Tengri Lethos but one of the Karde Shield malfunctions and one of the two Porleyters is killed. Tengri Lethos seizes his Kardec Shield and fights the other Porleyter, who is now trying to avenge his companion.

When Lafsater-Koro-Soth learns about the death of his compatriot, he orders all the Porleyters to meet on the Moon. Inside a crater, all 2009 Porleyters activate their Kardec Shield, which grows into a huge infrangible shield. They ask Rhodan and Jen Salik to meet them.

Lafsater-Koro-Soth apologizes to Rhodan and tells him that the Porleyter will no longer try to take control of the Terrans. They also withdraw their ultimatum to create a fleet made of all combined Terran spaceships in order to go fight Seth Apophis' vassals. However, the expedition is maintained and all the Terra leaders, mutants and activator carriers will take part in it. If the Terrans refuse, the Porleyters will destroy Nathan.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-25

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