1094 - Der Mann aus Haiti
The Man from Haiti
H.G. Ewers

In November 321, an amnesic woman called Eartha Weidenburn gave birth to a son, Eric. She gives him a blue crystal that she remembers she received as a gift for her future son. Eric Weidenburn shows a strong interest for space exploration in general and Carfesch in particular, whom he finds fascinating. One day, he is taken to an unknown place where a strange shadow tells him he has been assigned a mission of cosmic importance: he is the human liaison to the Endless Armada.

Weidenburn gathers a cult of followers and claims that space travel is pointless, and that the only thing that matters is locating a certain point in space that will allow humans to move to a next step in evolution called Stac. Weidenburn's first follower, Dunka Rabanez, takes the command of the study center Stac. The first affirmation claimed by his group, "Isolation is safety" reveals that each race must find its own Stac. The second one, "Do you know where the spaceships of the Hanse are flying to?" is meant to lead to Weidenburn's father.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-24

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