1092 - Aktion Transmitternetz
Action Transmitter Net
H.G. Ewers

With the Blackout in hyperspace caused by the Porleytern, an unparalleled co-operation begins between the peoples of the Milky Way and the two Magellanic Clouds. That which is achieved in the days starting from 17 December borders on a miracle and many actions and events will surely be registered in public archives.

The heavy cruiser INAUGURATION, under Sponsera Kaboff, is some hundred LY from the Hellax north system in the KMW. The ship is bringing cosmobiotics to Jefroma, where an epidemic disease rages. Owing to the employment of a transition ship, which can fly with sublight, they can still bring help to the inhabitants.

Altogether there are approximately two million spaceships of cruiser size in the galactic region. With outbreak of the Blackouts, 1.4 million units are stuck in the universe. Of them 120,000 ships sent distress calls; only a sixth however, in extreme emergency. As for transition ships, scarcely 900 ships are available, mostly the well-known scrap-iron crates of the Parias. Lafsater Koro Soth and its Porleyter ensure that the Parias do not become over courageous and too demanding.

In order to get the transmitter net to work effectively, 90 million individuals are assigned. The Tiger Gang has the task to instruct using the Net. After five days, four central junctions crystallize. There is Olymp, where Emperor Anson Argyris carries the responsibility, Akon under Heviath of Lurben, Gatas under Schügüly Efzzügyi and Asporc, where Ronald Tekener breaks open, in order to support the Asporcos. The total co-ordination is incumbent upon NATHAN on Luna with Galbraith Deighton in the line.

Gesil is still searching for Quiupu and Clifton Callamon announces from Tahun, where it will go better for the two Dargheten.

In the galactic center, a Terran collecting tank of the LFT is in trouble. The SEAWOLF under Jefra Laaser collects there Nugas and gets support of Gucky and Ras Tschubai, while Perry Rhodan strives to reach a stranded hospital ship of the Aras.

Despite all difficulties and employments the Unsterblichen celebrates Christmas on board the SOL on 24 December. The Blackout should have ended on this day, but it does not happen. In this time of reflection, Rhodan and Carfesch discuss sparkling wines, Eric Weidenburn and IT. The LFT and the Hanse must be concerned with it soon, particularly since Weidenburn's release will annoy the Porleytern.

December 31 ends the second week of chaos and NATHAN remains silent thoughout the duration of the Blackouts. The Porleyter, which was very cooperative at the beginning, who turns out in the meantime to have it under control again, Julian Tifllor holds on despite everything and on January 1st his traditional New Year's speech.

On 5 January, several Posbi fragment ships announce from deep space that the Blackout faded away there. Lafsater visits Rhodan and confirms it. He announces subsequently, that the entire transmitter net will be dissolved, if space travel is functioning once more. The fleet plans concerning the preventive strike against Seth Apophis are likewise taken up again. The new starting date becomes fixed on February 15 February. Two days later the Tiger Gang admits that the net should be considered destroyed.

Mark Gearhart 2009-08-07

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