1090 - Der Kardec-Kreis
The Kardec Circle
Kurt Mahr

Atlan prepares for his return, with the knowledge that the Porleytern the Knight status is to be cancelled for Perry Rhodan and Jen Salik, if the Kardec sign does not emerge again. The Arkonide has to hand the sign over at the correct instant, before the Porleyter can carry out their public punishment. He must avoid the beings in their corporeal bodies pushing the punishment through nevertheless, in order to free the two Knights. In addition Atlan concocted himself a convincing history, as he goes to the Circle. He still has has ten hours to go.

In the HQ-Hanse Rhodan, Salik, Reginald Bull and Julian Tifflor go out in the meantime with Atlan and the Kardec sign Geidnerd seized. They assume the Arkonide is still an agent of Seth Apophis' and while around him in the meantime, require unusual precautions. For this reason Bull has the Bambuti Ngaju in the HQ-Hanse. The Afro Terraner is a Witch Doctor and still lives according to the old traditions of his tribe. Seven hours to go.

Quiupu wants to outwit Gesil, who barricaded himself in the SOL. The cosmic Wonder Kid knows that the Spoodies consist of superviruses in 8192 Viral complexes, which are again composed of several trillion viruses, or, as he says, Infinitesimal Machines. Secretly he offers all the remaining Spoodies, which were removed from the Solanans, to the Sphinx. In addition, he wants to come on board the SOL. The Spoodies took over the virus researcher's mind long ago and as Gesil consents to the trade, it happens. The Spoodies attack SENECA and release the Inpotronik from the living Spoodies. Now Gesil and the cosmic Wonder Kid can arrange the destruction of all Spoodies. Still four hours to go.

Lafsater Koro Soth tells to the two Knights of the Abyss, that they will lose their Knight status in public in a Kardec Circle of 24 Porleytern. That is one hour before expiration of the ultimatum.

Surprised, Atlan again faces the Akonen Aghym of Whort, who wants to deliver him to the Porleyter. But Ngaju intervenes and grants the Arkonide the time to finish his mission. One more hour.

On the free area to the HQ-Hanse the judgement is to be executed over the two knights. It is transferred not only in the Sol system but the entire galaxy. At the crucial moment Atlan appears, explains themselves and hands the Kardec Circle over to Lafsater. The Porleyter in charge of the punishment is obviously disappointed.

Mark Gearhart 2009-08-07

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