109 - Der Blockadering um Lepso
Blockade: Lepso
Kurt Brand

On Lepso, Edmond Hugher is surprised that he knows Earth languages so well. After all, before arriving on Lepso and with no memory of his previous life, he worked on Zalit but was confined to a subordinate role. He was then recruited by the Antis, followers of Baalol, who replaced him with a robot in his image.

On the Earth, the headquarters of the Solar Imperium is worried by the extent of diffusion of the Liquitiv. It is the same way in the Arkonide Imperium. The photo of Hugher doesn't look like Thomas Cardif when viewed from a certain angle and the son of Rhodan is still supposed to be on Zalit. However, the news arrives soon that he was in fact replaced by a robot. Rhodan immediately orders the interdiction of the Liquitiv and the confiscation of all stocks. One learns soon that the merchandise stocks have disappeared. A fleet leaves for Lepso with orders to recover Thomas Cardif. The question soon arises, however, as to whether the son of Perry Rhodan is still under a mental block.

Perry Rhodan orders the blockade of Lepso and a heavy fight commences. Robot units sent by Arkon arrive and reinforce the Terran vessels. Robots are disembarked on the planet to occupy strategic points. During this time, telepaths concentrate on detecting and recovering Cardif. A brief contact permits them to determine that he is still subjected to the mental block.

The Anti Tu-Poa begins to wonder why Hugher/Cardif didn't react to the name of Rhodan. Thomas Cardif is submitted to a psycho-procedure in order to change his mental makeup so that he is no longer detectable by the mutants. Thus, the mental block is broken and Cardif recovers all his memories and his energy. His first decision is to distribute the Liquitiv free of charge in order to weaken the Solar Imperium.

When this message is intercepted, Rhodan understands that his son has recovered his memory. A Springer cruiser carrying the main Antis and Thomas Cardif takes off, and due to the unusual powers of the Antis, is able to escape. The Terran forces invest the station TT-1 where the Liquitiv was bottled but it turns out that Lepso was only a distribution center.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-21

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