1089 - Die Psi-Antenne
The Psi Antenna
H.G. Francis

Tolot and the rebels against Seth Apophis manage to find a new weapon in a wreck. The Dismantler Auerspor appears in front of Tolot and tells him that he has the ability to travel between the normal space and the Spinning Void. Auerspor is the guardian of the Psi Antenna, a two hundred long obelisk that was once charged with Seth Apophis' mental energy and that Auerspor uses to monitor all the intelligences that are not under Seth Apophis' influence.

When the rebels launch their their attack on Loudershirk, they face the Cruuns, beings who worshop the Psi Antenna as a god. After talking to them, Tolot concludes a truce and learns the location of Auerspor, who manages to flee before Tolot can reach him.

Tolot manages to hurl the Psi Antenna into the Spinning Void and he then escapes on a shuttle piloted by two Cruuns.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-19

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