1088 - Der ewige Krieger
The Eternal Warrior
Ernst Vlcek

On Khrat, Lethos reopens the vault and retrieves Cosino, a powerful warrior that used to serve the Porleyters. He intends to give Cosino to Rhodan to help him.

The Base arrives on Khrat but Letos denies having sent the message asking them to come and pick him up. Cosino gets out of control and attacks the Base by manipulating several members, including Javier and Demeter. Lethos explains that Cosino and Voire used to be opposites: Voire gathered all the positive sides of the Porleyters and Cosino was the opposite. Since Cosino broke loose, Lethos realizes that Voire must have been destroyed.

The Terrans manage to isolate Cosino and precipitate him into a sun. Lethos then asks for the immediate departure of the Base towart the Milky Way, saying that now that Cosino is destroyed, Rhodan needs the "Ring of the Cosmocrats".

Cedric Beust 2003-03-19

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