1087 - Wolke im All
The Space Cloud
Marianne Sydow

The Base has been in Norgan-Tur for five months, looking for traces of the Porleyters, and increasingly concerned that Perry Rhodan didn't visit them once. They find a two-light-year big cloud and explore it. They find an abandoned spaceship littered with dead bodies and learn from the spaceship that the cloud hides a secret.

Several spaceships meet with the Base and warn Waylon Javier against entering the cloud, called Srakenduurn. Javier decides to proceed with the exploration anyway. As soon as they are inside, the dust penetrates the Base and infects two hundred crewmembers, who gain the ability to move across the walls. The Base receives a garbled message from Tengrei Lethos, who tells them that the Earth is in danger and that they must come and pick him up and then head back toward the Milky Way.

Javier manages to get the Base out of the cloud while the infected crewmembers are let go aboard a shuttle, which disappears inside the cloud. The Base then heads for Khrat.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-19

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