1086 - Solaner-Jagd
The Hunt for the Solanians
William Voltz

Atlan takes another identity and flees, only to be captured by renegades who recognize him and intend to blackmail Terrania, threatening to kill the Arkonide. Atlan's second brain allows him to break from Seth Apophis' influence intermittently and he manages to escape from the kidnappers.

Most of the crew of the Sol is being hunted down and their Spoodies removed. When the Terrans come after Gesil, she locks herself inside the Sol behind an energy shield, asking Rhodan to join her. In the meantime, the Sol is also isolated so that the remaining Spoodies on board can no longer be used to recruit more agents for Seth Apophis.

At the same time, a campaign for an individual named Weidenburn starts in the major cities, with several posters appearing everywhere saying "Isolation is safety" and "Do you know where the spaceships of the Hanse are going?".

Cedric Beust 2003-03-15

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