1085 - Der Symbionten-Träger
The Symbiote Carrier
Horst Hoffmann

Quipu finds out that an individual called Jupor Pleharisch carries one of the super viruses. Assuming that he was on Lokvorth with him, Quiupu tries to make contact with him but Pleharisch tries to kill him. Quipu pursues him and finally corners him, managing to recover the super virus and its container. Before he gets a chance to question Pleharisch, Srimavo appears and kills him.

Quiupu brings back the super virus to his lab and starts studying it, but the virus is soon stolen. Bull tells Rhodan that Pleharisch actually came from the Sol, but nobody can't explain how he got the virus in the first place. To top it all, Atlan seems to have disappeared as well.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-15

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