1084 - Operation Kardec-Schild
Operation Kardec-Schild
Kurt Mahr

When Gesil and Srimavo learn about their respective existence, they enter a mental fight that has effects on their environment. After the fight, Gesil claims that she got rid of Srimavo to Atlan, who suspects that the two women are the manifestation of the same entity.

Clifton Callamon brings the Kardec Shield on a secret asteroid where scientists start studying. The first person who tries it almost dies in the attempt, despite a failsafe that the Terrans added to the shield. Callamon volunteers to try and he has more success, probably due to his connection with the Porleyters. However, he eventually falls under the influence of the shield as well and almost kills Atlan, whose shuttle was just arriving on the asteroid. Callamaon manages to deactivate the Kardec shield and then loses consciousness. Atlan boards his ship and steals the shield. When Callamon wakes up, Atlan pretends that the shield vanished.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-15

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