1083 - Der Kometenmann
The Comet Man
K.H. Scheer

Clifton Callamon and Pucky disguise a spaceship of the LFT as one of the Demonteurs and head for Arralon, where Pucky poses as an emissary of the Cosmocrats. Using his parapsychic abilities to simulate the aura of a Kardec Shield, Pucky convinces the two Porleyters on Arra and Lafsater-Koro-Soth soon arrives on Arralon to meet with him.

The extra psychic activity induced by Pucky's trick causes the alarm to sound during the meeting, causing confusion in the Porleyters. Clifton Callamon manages to steal the Kardec shield of one of the Porleyters and then flees.

On the Earth, Rhodan pretends to ignore everything of the incident but Lafsater-Koro-Soth is still suspicious. He gives Rhodan four weeks to find the missing Kardec shield.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-09

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