1082 - Transmitter nach Nirgendwo
Transmitter for Nowhere
H.G. Ewers

Kitsaiman lures two Porleyters in an isolated place and tries to break through their Kardec shields, but the attempt fails. The Porleyters retaliate by shutting down all the spaceports for five days. Meanwhile, Gesil moves forward in the execution of Seneca's plan, placing Seth Apophis agents at key positions.

The Porleyters locate the Matter Controllers and a firce fight with Kitsaiman's troups ensue. The Darghetians are evacuated to a safer place and Kitsaiman and his soldiers penetrate into a transmitter to an unknown destination.

Rhodan comes up with two plans: send a mission back to New Moragan Pordh in an attempt to look for weapons to neutralize the Kardec shields, and also see if they can send a fake message to the Porleyters pretending to come from the Cosmocrats. Callamon takes the lead of the mission to New Moragan Pordh and manages to sneak out of the Solar System thanks to a diversion.

Lafsater-Koro-Soth, the Porleyter leader, tells Rhodan that he is going to need the combined fleets of the Cosmic Hanse, the LFT and the GAVOK in order to launch an attack on a nearby galaxy that is under the influence of Seth Apophis. Stunned, Rhodan fights the idea as much as he can, knowing that the Milky Way will be left without any defense if the Porleyters carry out their plan. In the same time, Atlan and Gesil realize that they now have a good opportunity to take control of the Solar System.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-05

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