1080 - Das Ende eines Experiments
The End of an Experiment
Horst Hoffmann

Quiupu finally succeeds in recreating a fragment of the Viral Empire. His creation is hovering in space when an energy being called Whargor materializes. Whargor takes possession of a technician on one of the Terran spaceships and tells them he belongs to a people that once flourished with the Viral Empire. He then attacks the super virus.

Srimavo reappears and offers her help to Quiupu, who refuses because he doesn't want to cooperate with what he calls a "Vishna Component". Whargor manages to remove some of the virus' content but the fragment then manages to defend itself. Whargor retreats, realizing his mission has failed.

At the same moment, the new of the return of the Sol and of the arrival of the Porleyters reach Lokvorth. The Terrans decide to conceal the experiment from the Porleyters for now. A few Terrans are designated to carry some of the super virus while mysterious spaceships suddenly appear around the fragment. Bull recognizes them: they are the Demonteurs, who serve the Cosmocrats and were used earlier to move the Cosmic Castles back beyond the Matter Sources. The blue spaceships use a Drugun projector and the fragment dematerializes.

The Terrans head back to Earth.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-05

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