1079 - Station der Freien
Station of Freedom
H.G. Francis

Tolot has been on the Seth Apophis station for six weeks now when the glove mysteriously reappears on his hand. A mental shock definitely breaks him away from Seth Apophis' influence and Tolot realizes that Bruke Athosien is dead. When he threatens to destroy the station, the inhabitants kick him out in space on a platform.

Tolot reaches another space station that is populated by other people who like him broke free of Seth Apophis. They ask the Halutian to prove himself and send him fight a being controlled by the super-intelligence, who turns out to be Auerspor.

Auerspor tells Tolot he is not under Seth Apophis' influence but that he comes from a different galaxy that is suffering from the modifications recently made to the Frost Ruby. A fight ensues and Tolot prevails, sending both Auerspor and the glove into the Spinning Void.

Karrsedh, the commander of the space station, tells Tolot that the Spinning Void is identical to the Frost Ruby and that its anchor must be dissolved with the Slow Matter. Tolot decides to assist them in preventing the Frost Ruby to keep wreaking havoc on its surroundings.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-05

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