1076 - Der Weg der Porleyter
The Way of the Porleyters
Horst Hoffmann

The Terran fleet enters New Morgan Pordh and drops off the two thousand Porleyters on the planet. Before they vanish, their leader gives Rhodan the coordinates of the Frost Ruby, which was anchored sixty million years ago in a place between the Milky Way and NGC 1068.

The Terrans discover the Kardec shields as the cell activators show signs of malfunction again. Rhodan gives the order to take off the but the Rakal Woolver seems to be immobilized. Rhodan receives the visit of Clynvanth-Oso-Megh who tells him that he lost the battle against the other partisans. The destruction of Voire has affected most of the Porleyters negatively and he's unsure how they feel about the Terrans now.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-05

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